Bome's Midi Translator

When MIDI was first being used on computers, it was used to play computerized music that sounded like it was, well, computerized music. How things have changed! MIDI is now used to control every aspect of modern-day music software. Because of that, there are MIDI controllers for just about everything. MIDI keyboard controllers, MIDI foot pedals, MIDI mixer controllers, and much more. All of these controllers are used to control software with MIDI messages, and they do a wonderful job. However, anyone who uses MIDI knows that there are always things you want to do with your controller that you can't do. If I'm performing and I have to reach over and interact with my laptop, that's a failure in my setup.

Bome's Midi Translator Pro allows me to reach MIDI nirvana because it allows me to do virtually anything with MIDI. I can even do things that one wouldn't normally even think of! Read on to see how this software can revolutionize (not hyperbole) your use of MIDI.

Translating Midi

A few months ago, I was writing a piano piece in one of the DAWs I frequently use. I was playing a difficult piano part that resulted in my having to re-record a track many times. The transport keys on my keyboard controller worked fine for starting and stopping the recording and for moving back to the beginning of the track when I needed to re-record, but what I really wanted to do was have a button on my controller delete the fudged track prior to starting a new recording.

Bome's Midi Translator

I went searching for some software to solve this problem and I happened upon Bome's Midi Translator. It looked promising, so I tried it out. To my great delight, it worked perfectly. I then began to explore other opportunities for translating MIDI messages and I found that I had all kinds of problems I didn't even know about that were neatly solved with Bome's Midi Translator.

There is now almost no limit to what I can do with my midi controllers, and as a live performer, this capability is invaluable to me.

Here's how Midi Translator works. When you configure your MIDI device, instead of configuring it for the MIDI port you typically would, you configure it for Midi Translator's virtual MIDI port. The virtual MIDI port receives every MIDI message from your controller and can either pass it on without doing anything or it can modify it. When I say "modify it", I mean that it can either change it a little or it can alter it substantially. In fact, using the timers and rules available in Midi Translator Pro, you can have some quite complex operations performed when a MIDI message is received.

Midi Translator Timer

I'll give you another real-world scenario. A couple of years ago, I bought a Behringer FCB 1010 MIDI foot controller. It's a nice controller, but programming it is a real pain and it does have some limits in capabilities. I eventually ended up not using it because it was just too much of a hassle. After getting Midi Translator, I pulled my FCB 1010 back out and started using it again. The power of my controller has increased exponentially due to Midi Translator. There is now almost no limit to what I can do with my midi controllers, and as a live performer, this capability is invaluable to me. In this aspect alone, Midi Translator is now a tool that I cannot do without when performing with my band. There is simply no substitute for what it offers.

You can get Bome's Midi Translator for about $80, and it would be a real bargain at twice that amount. However, if you want to get a taste of what Midi Translator can do for you (and if you are a Windows user), you can get the Classic Edition for free. It does have some limitations not applicable to the Pro version, but it will give you a taste of the power of this versatile tool.

I cannot recommend Bome's Midi Translator Pro highly enough. If you're a musician who uses MIDI for anything, you can add a tremendous amount of power to your workflow by picking up a copy of this great tool.


Bome's Midi Translator

What We Like

  Endless possibilities for the MIDI musician.
  Virtual MIDI ports included.
  Powerful features like timers and rules.
  Converts MIDI messages to keyboard events.
  Easy configuration.
  Comprehensive user guide.
  Free classic version includes many features.

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