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Ample Sound's Ample Bass Acoustic virtual instrument is an ultra-realistic VI that models the Guild B-54 CE acoustic bass perfectly! High-quality samples from both mics and DI provide everything you could want in a bass VI.

We've reviewed a few virtual instruments from Ample Sound and each of them has been a joy to play. The rich features offered by them all makes it possible to create just the sound you're looking for, complete with the nuances of the real instruments. Our recent foray into Ample Sound's acoustic bass VI proved to us that Ample Sound is once again showing themselves to be at the forefront of stringed instrument VIs.

Ample Sound is once again showing themselves to be at the forefront of stringed instrument VIs.

One of the things we've grown to really appreciate in Ample Sound plugins is the continuity that exists between them. It's likely that you won't use just one of them in any one project, and because they all work exactly the same way, it's a smooth transition to go from one to another. When the creative juices are flowing, anything that jolts you out of the creative mode can be pretty jarring, so we really appreciate the ease of use of these plugins. With that said, one of the major considerations for any VI is how it sounds, and in that department, Ample Bass Acoustic really impresses!

As you can see from the Ample Bass Acoustic interface shown below, all of the bells and whistles you've come to love from Ample Sound are here. The wonderful articulations like palm muting, slides, hammer ons and pull offs, harmonics and much more are all beautifully reproduced with great sounding samples. 

Ample Bass Acoustic

Ample Bass Acoustic (Click for a larger image.)

Speaking of samples, we're not talking about a wimpy collection of samples. Ample Bass Acoustic installs almost 5GB of samples that were recorded on every single fret of the original instrument, and they're recorded without any destructive editing or dynamic processing. What you get is the natural sound that you'd expect from the B-54 CE. Of course, you can apply all the processing you want, but we really appreciate the fact that Ample Sound did nothing to modify the original sound. 

The coolness of Ample Bass Acoustic doesn't stop there. Ample Sound includes samples both from microphones and from DI, and you can easily mix the two with the provided faders. In addition to that, there is an EQ panel for both mics and DI so that you can tailor the sound to your precise needs. 

EQ Panel

EQ Panel

If you choose, you can also use Ample Sound's excellent Tab Player, redesigned for bass tabs. All of the articulations in Ample Bass Acoustic are fully supported in tabs, and by tweaking humanization settings, you can achieve results that are virtually indistinguishable from a real bass player. As an added bonus, you don't have to deal with the delicate temperament of a real bass player! 

Ample Bass Acoustic includes AU, VST, AAX and RTAS versions. A stand-alone version is also included. If you'd like more information (including some great demo songs and some video demos), head over to Ample Sound's website where you can find all of the information you need. While you're there, do yourself a favor and add Ample Bass Acoustic to your VI library. You won't regret it!


Ample Bass Acoustic II

What We Like

  Wonderfully sampled bass guitar.
  Eight realistic articulations.
  Beautiful harmonics. 
  New EQ pane and mic and DI inputs.
  Tab feature rewritten for bass tabs.
  Ability to humanize many settings.

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