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  • Blue Iris Video Security Software

    Blue Iris is a video security and webcam software application for Microsoft Windows that makes it easy to set up a comprehensive video surveillance system at a modest price point.

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  • Sharx Security SCNC3904

    The Sharx Security SCNC3904 is a solidly built indoor/outdoor 1080p camera that supports WiFi or Ethernet and provides HD wide-angle video and audio. 

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  • Luxriot VMS

    Luxriot VMS is a video surveillance DVR solution for Windows that soars high above the competition in realiability and in features. 

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  • Sharx Security SCNC3804 Camera

    The Sharx Security SCNC3804 is a high-definition outdoor security camera that's built like a tank and packed with features. Read our review to find out why you might need one of these cameras and not even know it!

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  • Reason 8

    With a radically redesigned interface and enhanced features for a more streamlined workflow (not to mention two new killer Softube amp models), Reason 8 is likely to impress. However, is it worth the price to upgrade? Find out in our review.

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  • Parallels Desktop 10

    Parallels Desktop 10 adds new features, better performance and integration with OS X Yosemite. Is it worthy of the 50 dollars needed to upgrade? Read our full review and find out.

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  • Blue Cat FreqAnalyst Multi

    Blue Cat Audio's FreqAnalyst Multi is a multi-track analyst plugin that brings power, precision and flexibility to analyzing frequencies on multiple tracks in your favorite DAW. 

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  • FabFilter Pro-MB

    If you're interested in an incredibly user-friendly and powerful multiband compressor and expander, FabFilter's Pro-MB should certainly be on your short list.

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  • Melodyne Editor

    We have a hard time describing Celemony's Melodyne Editor as anything other than magic. Pitch (including the addition of harmonies), modulation, formant, timing, key signature and more can all be adjusted with Melodyne, even when using polyphonic source material. Read our review and be prepared to be blown away!

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  • FabFilter Pro-Q

    FabFilter Pro-Q

    A highly intuitive interface, rich feature set and wonderfully neutral sound make Pro-Q a standout in the large crowd of EQ plugins. FabFilter definitely hit a home run with this excellent plugin.

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  • Parallels Desktop 9

    Parallels Desktop 9 makes it easy to run Windows applications seamlessly on your Mac, but it's so much more than that. We explain why in our review.

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  • Ample Sound AGL

    Ample Sound's incredible guitar VI is the next best thing to a warm-blooded guitar player. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to add rich guitars to your mix.

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  • Contour Design ShuttlePRO V2

    Whether you're editing video or audio, ShuttlePRO V2 will transform the way you work with your NLE or DAW.

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  • Poser 7

    All in all, Poser 7 is a must-upgrade for existing Poser users, and it's a wonderful starting point for those of you who have never experienced this amazing application.

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  • Camtasia Studio 8

    If you need to record your computer screen for any reason, Camtasia Studio 8 is the de facto choice. Whether you're sending a quick tip in a video snippet or recording a professional 1080p HD video, our review will show you why Camtasia is your clear choice.

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  • Vue 8 Infinite

    The Vue line of products has long been considered the premiere tool for creating incredibly realistic 3D enviroments. Vue 8 adds significant functionality to an already mature application.

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  • Pro Tools 11

    With the release of Pro Tools 11, Avid has introduced an all new audio engine that will impact everything you do in your workflow. Find out how in our in-depth review of this industry-standard DAW.

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  • Midi Translator

    Bome's Midi Translator Pro allows me to reach MIDI nirvana because it allows me to do virtually anything with MIDI. I can even do things that one wouldn't normally even think of! Read on to see how this software can revolutionize (not hyperbole) your use of MIDI. 

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  • Reason 7

    Propellerhead Reason 7 adds quite a few features that nicely enhance this unique DAW. In our review, we explore these features and many others that make Reason 7 a highly desired tool for music production.

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  • Parsec

    Parsec is a rack extension from Propellerhead that brings additive synthesis to Reason users. In our review, we show you how Parsec makes additive synthesis approachable to everyone.

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Coming Soon

Reason Pianos

Reason Pianos, a ReFill for Propellerhead Reason, brings hypersampled pianos to Reason with your choice of six microphones from many recording angles. The result is pure bliss.


Ample Sound AME Metal Eclipse

Ample Metal EclipseThe same attention to detail and realism that you've come to expect from Ample Sound has been incorporated into a solid electric guitar VI. We rock out in this upcoming review.